The Tote is famous for the variety of pool betting products it offers, providing customers with the chance of high returns for a low initial stake. These ‘exotic bets’, as they’re called, are loved by racegoers, and have become part of racing culture over the years.  

There are 10 types of Totepool bets, all offering something a little different...

Doing your Placepot at the start of the day is a ritual for many racegoers - and it is the most popular bet on the Tote. You pick six horses in the first six races of a meeting – and if they all place, you get a share of the prize fund.

The average payout is £407 for a £1 bet – giving you the chance of great returns for a small bet, as well as a whole day of thrilling entertainment.

Coming into Exeter races in March 2011, Lupita had not won in its last 26 races – but when it beat the form guide to cross the finish line in first, it netted Steve Whiteley, a heating engineer from Tawton, an incredible £1.45 million. Steve had spent £2 on a Tote jackpot bet – where you have to pick the winning horses in the first six races of a meeting.

Jackpots are harder to win than Placepots, as you need your picks to win rather than just place – but it means that the potential returns can be life-changing, as Steve was delighted to discover.

A Tote institution for nearly 25 years, the Quadpot is a favourite amongst Tote customers whose Placepot has gone down in the first two races, but still have a good feeling about their final four horses.

To win, you need to pick a placed horse in races 3 – 6 of a meeting – so it’s exactly the same principle as the Placepot, just over fewer races.

Wins on the Scoop6 are part of racing folklore, from Agnes Haddock famously winning £688,620 from a £2 bet in 2007, to being the first ever horseracing bet to produce a millionaire. Introduced in 1999, the aim of the Scoop6 is to pick the winner in six selected races.

There are three separate funds: the Win fund, the Bonus fund and the Place fund. If your six horses all win, you’ll get a share of the Win fund; if they all place, then you’ll get a share of the Place fund; and if you pick the winner of a nominated bonus race, you’ll win the Bonus Fund.

With rollovers and big prize pools, the Scoop6 is hugely popular with customers.

A favourite since it was introduced in 2000, the Exacta involves picking the first two horses in a race. There are a few different options:

With a straight Exacta, you pick a horse to finish first and a horse to finish second, and they must finish in that order for you to win;

With a banker Exacta, you select the horse to finish first and then can pick as many horses as you want to finish second (though the more you choose, the more the bet will cost);

And with a combination Exacta, you pick two (or more horses) to finish first and second in any order.

Similar to the Exacta, but you need to select the first three horses instead of two – which means you get better odds, and pay-outs on the Trifecta have soared as high as £70,000. It has the same options as the Exacta – straight, banker, combination – providing plenty of choice for Tote customers.

One bet. Two horses. Three ways to win. You pick two horses to finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd, and then win if your picks finish 1st and 2nd, 1st and 3rd or 2nd and 3rd. So you can win a Swinger without even picking a winner.

Very simple: pick the winner of two consecutive races. You can pick different permutations to give you more chance of winning, though that will increase the cost of your bet.

Exactly the same as the double, but over three consecutive races, rather than two.

The most straightforward bet available on the Tote: pick a horse to win or place in an individual race, or combine the two for an each-way bet.

Because the Tote is pool betting, as opposed to when you bet with a bookmaker, the returns you get for a win can often be more than the official Starting Price, especially on races with lots of runners.