We are delighted to announce a landmark £50 million agreement with Britbet that will help grow the Tote and secure a stable financial future for British horseracing.

The seven-year partnership will see Britbet and the Tote consortium, made up of Alizeti and Betfred, come Together for the Tote in order to grow pool betting in the UK, provide more excitement and value for customers, and more funding for racing.

The partnership will see the iconic Tote brand maintained at Britbet’s 55 racecourses, and the development of a world-leading pools platform that will provide a richer experience for Tote customers, both on and off the racecourse.

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We will continue to focus on revitalising the Tote online, and the Tote accessed via partner shops and sites, whilst also looking at how we can innovate our direct digital experience and the pool bets offered.

In addition, we will explore international relationships and business opportunities which will help us grow UK pool betting and support British racing. Read more about the deal.

What the deal means for the Tote and for British horseracing:

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With the Britbet agreement reached, CEO Alex Frost talks about the steps we are taking to secure the future of the Tote for generations to come:


This landmark agreement has received support from across the industry, including some of the top names in British horseracing: