The Tote, the original UK pool betting service, was established both to provide the public with the best communal racing experience and to safeguard the welfare of the industry.

Our plan for the future of the Tote will remain true to those founding values: a win-win partnership with the industry and the public, bringing excitement to fans and financial security to British horseracing.

Using best-in-class technology, digital innovation and customer engagement, we will develop the UK Tote into a modern, global British success story: a world-leading pools platform, reaching new audiences with innovative products.

In so doing, we’ll secure the financial future of the industry we love for generations to come.

Watch our Head of Product, Jamie Hart, talk about revitalising the Tote to provide more excitement for fans and support British horseracing:


I am tremendously excited about our vision for a truly iconic brand within the sport of horseracing, and for where the Tote can go next - both domestically and on a global stage.
— Alex Frost, Alizeti Consortium of Racehorse Owners

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